“It took a year & 4 months,
It took 486 days to realize that sometimes “goodbye” comes with love.. And that it’s okay to be sad,
that it’s okay to spend 300 of those days crying, because you had to watch something so rare & beautiful come to an end.
I learned that everyone won’t understand why you can’t say his name without breaking every ribbon of hope you mended your wounds with; And those wounds will bleed with every picture of him you see smiling, he’s moved on.
Where you saw a dead end, he saw another chance at happiness,
And he’s not wrong for it.
So, what you’ve gotta do now is remember every other color besides his eyes & paint the sky with them again,
Draw the sun in the corner of the page; Let life back in.
It won’t be easy at first but it gets easier.
Those flowers he planted inside your soul will grow into daffodils if you let them, meaning you will have new beginnings.
Eventually the hurt will fade & you’ll begin to see how lucky you really are. Not too many experience a love worth going to war for,
A love so passionate, you would’ve died for.
Just remember being loved in ways that ignite fire in your veins is always worth burning for;
And “I love you” doesn’t always mean “I’ll stay”,
So love them while you have the chance & when they wish to be free, take as long as you need but understand.”

I love you enough to let you go. (via caramelcoatedxxxtacy)
“I can’t want you anymore. It’s killing me.”

Anonymous (via forever-and-alwayss)

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